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  1. Has anyone been there recently? Do you know what RM bags they have? Last time I was there, I only saw the Fuschia and Night MAB + Matinee. I wish they had the Steady or more colors in the MAB or MAM.... I got the MAB Night/Gold crackle and I'm pleased, but I want to know if maybe they can have one shipped to me from somewhere else in a different style too! Ty ladies!
  2. At the 59th st bloomingdales in NY I only saw the fuschia and night matinees. I need see a night/gold MAB but someone was already buying it.
  3. You can call other Bloomingdales and get them to ship it for you. I know Miami doesn't have any RM bags at all, but it's a small store, you might have luck calling around, Adventura in FL is a bigger store. When I lived in NY, I used to go to the Bergen store in NJ it wasn't a busy store at all, and remember they have no sales tax in NJ! Good luck!
  4. Unfortunately there is sales tax in NJ for accessories and handbags. I wish there was none. But we do luck out on clothes with no sales tax. So sorry to burst the bubble.

  5. Didn't know that or forgot if I did! I love NJ because they don't let you pump your gas! When I moved to FL I didn't know how to pump my own gas because NJ spoiled me!

    Plus NJ has a lower sales tax than NY especailly when talking about NYC.
  6. I am so use to not paying sales tax that when I but a bag I always forget that the price is going to jump up! Rats!!! But our tax percentage, 7% isn't too bad like you said compared to other states. And the gas thing is totally a plus. When I go to NY I forget I have to do it and I just sit there and wait for an attendant for awhile before I remember I have to do it myself! But suk having to do your own gas in FL when it is humid at times.
  7. For NYC people unhappy with 59th, the SoHo store has the night/gold crackle and it's like 1/100th as crowded.
  8. Daniela, does SoHo have any Matinees?
  9. Hi Everyone! Thanks for your posts. I bought my night/gold MAB at 59th Street yesterday. They even had a BN one in stock, still in plastic packaging! I purchased that one. I was at the Soho location as well and saw the Fuschia and Black colors in both the MAB and Matinee (I think Matinee). Hope that helps someone! They could have sold out of them by now. The SAs at the Soho Location were very helpful!

    I had to pay sales tax... which was a bit over $20. So annoying! Any ways to get around this? I got the out of state discount... but I wish I didn't have to pay sales tax.:yes:
  10. I was at Short Hills yesterday and bought 2. They have none left but try Bergen mall
  11. Just got back from 59th St. in NYC... They have two Fuschia/Gold Matinees and two Black/Gold Matinees... Go get them!
  12. ^^ i ordered my Night/Gold Mab from 59th. Mine came to $357 including tax plus $20 shipping... which sucks but the price was a steal!

    Nanashimara - did they charge you the same price or more? or less? Also, were there Night/Gold Mab's out on the floor? I hope i don't get a floor model since its being shipped to me. But my SA was nice, so i hope she makes sure the bag has no scuffs etc on it. We do have bloomingdales in GA, so i did have to pay sales tax, but i THINK she charged me NYC's tax rate and not GA's since she rung me up on the phone...

    I don't know but like i said, price was a steal so not worth the argument. And she sent me $90 is gift certs too. I wish the private sale was like 3 more days, and i'd jump on another bag.
  13. Desi--did your total come to $357 or $377 after shipping? Trying to figure out if I was charged correctly
  14. $377.... how much were you charged Nonnie
  15. Okay, I'm going to give you a full rundown of what I was charged and exactly what discounts I received.

    The MAB started at $595.
    15% off automatically because of the sale = 505.75
    11% off because of out of state = - 55.63
    4 $25 coupons = -100
    The resulting price was $350.12 W/O tax! I don't think they charged you tax, hon. I don't know what other discounts they could have given you unless she rang it up wrong.

    Tax was $29.32 which makes me want to barf! I ended up paying $379.44. BUT I had an $90 GC so I payed about $290 in the end.

    I've heard of them not making people out of state where there isn't a Bloomingdale's pay sales tax. I'm not sure why exactly... Any way I look at it, it's a great deal for a $600 bag that is in the current season.

    Regarding the bags on the floor at 59th.. They had one MAB out on the floor, but mine came from the stock room. The one on the floor was in excellent condition, BUT, I noticed a small clear plastic tag sewn into the rim of the bottom of the bag where black meets gold at the piping. I tried to get a discount on the floor model with the slight imperfection, but the manager wasn't having it. If you look carefully for it and don't see it, you did not get their floor model. Another way to tell is if it comes wrapped in plastic... Their bags are stored in clear plastic baggies when they are BN!

    I hope this helps!