1. Which stores carry Chanel?
  2. bloomies scp in southern cal
  3. thanks!
  4. Bloomingdales NYC 59St.
  5. The Bloomie's in Chestnut Hill, MA (close to Boston) also carries Chanel.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  6. Mariana at the Chestnut Hill Bloomies is great :tup:
  7. James @ the Bloomies in Chestnut Hill is also great. I purchased 3 Chanels from him in a span of a week. :p
  8. Does Bloomies ever give discounts on Chanel's when they have their charity events or other sales? and if so, any upcoming? Thanks!!!
  9. :tup:
    i know the Bloomies in NYC gives the Friends & Family discount of 20% off during that event which i think is twice a year!
  10. I don't think Chanel is included in the F&F event.
  11. does anyone know when is the next Bloomie F&F event?

  12. RIGHT NOWW!!!!! I just got tons of stuff!

    I just got back from Bloomingdales on 59th they had:

    A bunch of classic flaps
    PNY luggage in black
    Medallion totes in black and bordeaux
    GST - Navy and Bordeaux
    224 Reissues - Metallic black and Silver
    Reissue wallets - d. silver, Metallic black and Silver
    Reissue CC wallets
    Bubble bowler
    Bubble flap - small & larger size
    Leo Flap

    and some more .... couldn't remember them all.
  13. Poosdarling, thanks so much for the info!!! Guess where I'm going tonight ;)
  14. :okay:
    i know for sure "certain" sales associates at Bloomies NYC do give the Friends/Family discount on the Chanel bags...
    i'm new here & don't know if i'm allowed to say names??
  15. Joansie, yes you can share the name of the SAs (sales assoc.)... we all love to know great SAs to deal with...