Bloomingdales visitor pass

  1. I'm not sure if this has been covered elsewhere before, but I thought it was share-worthy. DH and I were in Chicago over the weekend and went in Bloomingdales on Michigan for new coats. Apparently they have 'visitor passes' that are 10% or 15% off (we got 15%, score!) if you're from out of town. Do all the stores do this, or is it just that one? Anyway, between that, getting a Bloomingdales card and getting our stuff shipped to us (no tax since we don't have one in our state), we saved something like $600. Not a bad deal at all.
  2. at the flagship in NYC, its 10% AND u have to show ur passport. And there are exclusions as usual.
  3. The Beverly Centre store offered the 10% off last month when visiting.
  4. Cosmetics/Skincare & fragrances are excluded. That's what I was told when I was at bloomies in NYC over the summer.