Bloomingdale's Triple Rewards 3/8 - 9

  1. Triple rewards all day Thursday and Friday, March 8th-9th, on every purchase made with our Bloomingdale's card.
  2. How does the Bloomingdale's reward work?
    I used to shop there a lot and never heard of anything about a reward!

  3. is there also an extra discount for opening up an acount for the first time? TIA!
  4. yes 10% off for opening up a card but wait b/c they bump it up to 15% usually around times that they have sales
  5. What is triple rewards??? Thanks!!!!!
  6. if you have a bloomingdale's card with rewards (insider card) you get 9% back (normally it is 3% back). It's really good cuz it works on EVERYTHING (LV, makeup, etc.)
  7. Only the Premier Plus and Ultimate Premier Insider Cards (the grey and black ones) are eligible for rewards. The basic Insider Bloomies card (the white one) is NOT eligible for rewards. The Premier Plus and Ultimate Premier cards are by invitation only, based on minimum annual spending requirments. I know because I got demoted because I didn't shop at Bloomies enough last year :shame:
  8. kate, I got demoted too! I have the white card now..mine used to be gray.

    in a way the rewards card kept me loyal to bloomies but since i'm not cool enough for premier status I've been giving my business to other places.
  9. Me too! NM has been enjoying my business since Bloomies doesn't like me anymore.
  10. OH WELL~ my card is white! Guess I'm not cool enough either!!!:p LOL