Bloomingdales Texas tax


Jul 17, 2013
Here's my experience if it's helpful:

I live in TX and ordered a bag from the 59th/Lex NYC Bloomingdale's last year.

I opened the credit account online and used that to get the discount (FYI--the website didn't pull a credit report and just automatically gave me a limit of $500, which was obviously too low to buy the bag. I called and they would only increase it to $1000 without pulling a report, but after I authorized them to do a credit pull they gave me plenty of credit to buy it). I got the account opening discount, but it is capped at $250 even if 10% of the purchase price is higher. I did this during a gift card promo so I also got a $250 gift card--you could similarly stack with power point events, etc.

They charged me shipping but in retrospect I should've pushed back on that since the bag qualified me for Top of the List, which receives free shipping from stores.

I did not pay sales tax. My understanding is that the outlets are treated as a separate entity for Texas sales tax purposes (in the same way that having Macy's in the state doesn't trigger it). [Nannyish disclaimer that even if the retailer doesn't charge sales tax, you are still liable for self-paying use tax blah blah blah...and if you do, you'll be the first person in state history ever, lol]

PM me if you need an SA rec--mine was awesome, he answered texts even when he was off work, and sent me tons of photos to help me decide!


May 8, 2013
Can you let me know who was your SA? When I called Bloomingdales in NY they told me that they will not give any discounts for opening an account. Can somebody also give me SA who will do gift send for a friend. Thank you.
I'm so sorry. I don't remember the name of my SA. I definitely got a discount. I purposely bought it from there to receive the CC discount and no tax.