Bloomingdales-Take 30% Off Regular Prices-40% Off Reduced Prices

  1. I was just at the sale in the NJ store. It was pretty awful. There are only a few things on sale. I was surprised at the lack of merchandise.

    I did see several Fendi bags at 40% off discount price. A very large denim spy bag was marked down to $900 something plus 40% off. A gorgeous brown leather Fendi bag was also 40% off and a white one as well. that's about it. I bought nothing!
  2. Do you have the phone number. What NJ store.
  3. Was it Short Hills? Bridgewater?
  4. wow that sucks..did anyone else score anything today?
  5. I called 3 stores and only one said they had Fendi bags and that they weren't on sale. Can you specify which store you went to?
  6. ^Would also like to know!!! I've been wanting the denim spy bag!!! 40% off WOWOWOW!!!
  7. Bloomingdales Newport Beach had one yesterday. After discount, it was $725. Don't know if it is still there though. Good luck.
  8. Does anybody know if there's a free shipping code for online orders?
  9. nope, no free shipping.
  10. bummer. thank you though! saved me a lot of time from searching google
  11. Yeah, I went to a Bloomingdales last night, and they had next to nothing for purses on sale. The sales associate actually said the sale was starting today, but the website said yesterday. Either doesn't seem worth it.
  12. Spy for $725.. What a good deal!!
  13. I just went to san diego bloomingdales and picked up a botkier bianca small satchel in python leather for just over $230. There were lots of furla black leather purses for under $200 with the extra 40% off, i also saw a gustto green baca med or large i think but there was a stain, some marc jacobs...a tan brown gustto medium setela bag, some juicys some betseys and kate spades...hope some others got some good deals!
  14. Do you know if it was the dark denim or the striped one? I'm looking for one that looks similar to this: