Bloomingdales Summer Favorite's Sale

  1. I tried the promo code & it didin't work are there exclusions?
  2. I'm not sure, I think it may just be applicable to the summer favorite's section. I didn't try to order anything i just saw it when I went to the page today.
  3. Is this for items currently on sale?
  4. There are cashmere sweaters for $30 after the coupon in the "Classic" section of the sale.
  5. applies only to 'summer's favorite' section items - i just bought some things and it works!
    things are selling SO FAST already.
  6. too bad it's not all sale items :sad:
  7. OMG! - You just saved me $248 - Thank you!!!!!

    The sale stuff I had in my cart from a week ago was further discounted after the code.

    I think it IS all sale items.
  8. didn't work for me :sad: maybe you just got lucky and the stuff you had in the cart was in this sale.
  9. maybe it works on other sale items if you buy something from the "summer favorites" section?

    i only want some things from the regular sale section. lemme know if anyone is able to use the code on only regular sale items

  10. I just got a cute pair of Rafe skimmers for $60, originally almost $300. Unfortunately, I am a dummy and gave them the wrong shipping address so I am on hold trying to change it.
  11. I just ordered, got some cashmere! YAY!
  12. did you apply the discount code to a summer favorite or a regular sale item?
  13. Just to let you all know, I applied the discount to shoes that were both on sale and in the summer favorites section. So I assume it will work on sale items, but only if they are also in the summer favorities sections.