Bloomingdales sucks

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  1. I just checked my order that I placed on 6/12, some Michael Kors bags and JC jewels, everything is canceled.:tdown:
  2. My JC jewels were cancelled as well. I'm not upset, though. No harm, no foul.
  3. Were you notified? That's a pet peeve of mine, at least e-mail us to let us know things are cancelled! I placed an order once (not at Bloomingdales, but a different online shopping site) and used my debit card, waited weeks for stuff to get here, and when it finally did not everything was there because they had cancelled a few items. That caused my checkbook to be off, and I was trying to figure out how much money was actually there since I had subtracted the amount invoiced to me.
  4. mine got cancelled, too.
    bloomies do this all the time and they will probably do this again and again in future - i'm not very surprised this time. they're not very reliable and this is just another example.
  5. Bergdorf's just did that to me! no notice or anything. i only found out because i was looking for a tracking number to see when they would arrive, and noticed 2 out of my 3 items were cancelled.:cursing:
  6. I placed an order a couple of days ago. I used two codes and both codes were accepted. I went in yesterday to check the status of my order and they took one of the codes off so now the total is higher. No e-mail, no nothing.

    I am not really a fan of Bloomingdales. It seems every order I place, something goes on.
  7. please read the rules about 'deals and steals' - it's not the place to air grievances with retailers. thanks!
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