Bloomingdales Special Event

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  1. Bloomingdales is having a special event this week. $25 off every $100 you spend. Up to $400 off. Nothing is excluded!! My mom just came back and got a few things.

  2. how nice.
  3. that is like 25% off.
  4. Nothing excluded? Including the LV boutique????
  5. Not to sure about that. My Bloomies does not have LV. But they have Burberry and Coach and those were included.
  6. Is there a special code or anything you need to use this?
  7. Lucky you! I wish there was one in Hawaii...

    And I checked to see if the website had anything related to this special event. Nothing. I can't even enter that $3,000 shopping spree that is on the to continental USA residents only. :evil:
  8. how long does this event last??
  9. No codes needed..just a store wide promotion. I think my mom said its until Sunday. But call to be sure. She said the store was packed and everyone was buying.

  10. Thanks Selena!
  11. You need to have coupons! The event is March 28-30th!

    They also have many purses on sale up to 40%%!!
  12. you have to have coupons, you get mailed 4 as long as you have a bloomies charge. it ends thursday. my store doesn't have LV so I couldn't tell you if that is excluded...but usually they have very few restrictions

    oops, sorry to post the same thing as above! must've been writing at the same time!
  13. do you have to use a bloomies charge to get it?