Bloomingdales SF - chloe pumps and boots for amazing prices!

  1. Just wanted to let you know that Bloomingdales has an extra 50% off sale Yesterday I bought a pair of the orange/tan Chloe buckle pumps (like the ones below) for $150 total (after an additional 15% w/ Bloomies card). They also had the flat boots in a light gray color in a size 8.5 for like $350 which was sadly too big for me - but I hope someone else can score them! :smile:

  2. argh!!!!!!!! why can't they have sales like this in Australia! that sounds like an awesome sale. not that I can fit 8.5, but still!!!
  3. Thanks for the heads up!

    Did you notice if they had any of the Chloe flats, Prince, I think they are called?
  4. no flats on sale :sad: i asked about those too. I didn't even know about the boots until she pulled them out for me since they were almost my size...

    I know they had both the prince and buckle flats on sale for 50% off at American Rag though (sizes were pretty limited)
  5. did they have either the oxford booties or the silverado booties?
  6. how is one suppose to ring and order anything if none of the chloe items are online, hence no sku's or item numbers:confused1:
  7. is it the American Rag on Van Ness?
  8. thats an amazing deal! do u know if they still have the pumps available on sale?
  9. Yup - the American Rag on Van Ness had both the prince and buckle flat for half off 2-3 weeks ago. they had smaller and bigger sizes - so it might not hurt to try if you fall into either category. :smile:

    They had a lot of the pumps on sale - I was sort of shocked. lots of the orange/tan and a few black. I'd try calling to make sure they still have an extra 50% off (i know for sure the additional 15% off was only for that weekend)

    Oh, and I didn't see any of the oxford or silverado booties there either
  10. Thanks for the info!! I must have missed them on Aloha Rag too :crybaby:

  11. i missed the sale too....:crybaby: :s
  12. i just bought the chloe pumps for $250 from NM, that was quick i didnt get the link to post here, i also used the code for free shipping. so excited!!!:yahoo: