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  1. Bloomingdales sf starts their designer handbag sale on thursday the 29th. 30% off! They have quilted blake(whiskey and natural), stam (quilted brown, elastic quilt plum and black, and patchwork silver), Little stam (teal, elastic quilted black and plum, and silver patchwork), silver mariah, 70's satchel (black and indigo), olga in ivory, navy ostrich venitia, quilted small mp (black and brown), n/s tote (black and grey), small mp (white and bordeaux), peanut large multi, peanut blake, bone elise, black sofi, ryder( black and chesnut), julianne (bordeaux and chestnut). call robert 415 256 5428 for info
  2. Great selection!! :nuts:
  3. Thanks so much for the info. Great selection. Does it work like Nordstrom sale? That is call them and get the bag set aside for you to pick up during the sale day?
  4. ^^Yes, that's right. :tup: I just bought a bag from Bloomingdales on "presale"; they charged my card today but I can't pick it up until the sale actually starts on Thursday, Nov. 29.
  5. Their private sale is on the same day too. You can get 25 off a single purchase over $100 and $15EGC for every $100 purchase. Don't forget to pick up the EGC when you pick up your bags!
  6. omg, they did not tell me when i bought my longchamp today! do you think they'll do a price adjustment? is longchamp included in this designer sale?

    and aren't they already giving away the b-money this weekend....they'll do it again next week?
  7. I hope the Bloomies here are having the sale too! There's a Ferragamo at the Chevy Chase store that I'd like to have at a sale price.

    I got the "Insider" mailer today, but I didn't notice this sale info. Thanks!!!
  8. PLEASE post all SALE INFO in the MJ SALE INFO thread only!!!
Thread Status:
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