bloomingdale's sale

  1. okay, so i need to vent. the bloomingdale's friends sale - 20% off much like macy's - starts today.

    thursday is my day off and i had my whole day planned. i was so looking forward to driving to my nearest bloomies about an hour away to buy some tokidoki. well, last night i pulled into my driveway and hit the garage door button to lower the door and our garage door broke!!!!! ugghhh, my car is in the garage with no way out. :push: called the repair man and he said he would be here this morning but he's still not here!!!!! i'm stuck at home now. if he doesn't get here soon, i won't be able to go because i have to be back to pick up my kids from school. :crybaby:

    i guess i'll have to call the SA up and have her ring up the bags i have on hold - a lamore cia and pirata stellina. thanks for letting me vent!!!!

    oh, and fyi - some bloomingdales carry the fornarina shoes, so it's a good time to purchase at 20% off!
  2. That really stinks! I would be so mad if that happened to me. I hope the repair guy comes soon for you.

    Where is a Bloomies? Is it in Illinois somewhere? Crap, I never have time to go down to Illinois and shop.
  3. thanks blackwidow! the bloomies at old orchard (skokie, ill) and the downtown chicago store both carry tokidoki.
  4. ahhh there's only one bloomingdales near me right now and it doesn't carry toki! :crybaby: I can't remember if the one in the Beverly Center carries toki? I know the one in SD carries it but I haven't searched for shoes either.

    I want another pair of fornarinas :push:

    Thanks for the news tho and hope your repair guy comes!! you cant manually open the door then?
  5. Thanks for the info. It is hard to believe that there is an actual store with Toki somewhat within driving distance of me. Although I'll probably still never get down there. Gas prices going up too it may not be worth it for me.

    Yeah isn't there a way to release the door and then do it manually. This happened one time when I was living with my uncle. Or do you have to be home while the repair guy is there?
  6. I think usually there is a pull cord to do it manually when you lose power? At least ours has that. I'd say cancel that repair man....use your manual open and go get your bags!!!!!:idea: Sorry you're having trouble.
  7. something is hindering the door from letting us manually open it. we did pull the release but the door will only rise about and inch. it's stuck and ain't moving!!!!! i am so antsy right now. i figure if he -- oh the door bell just rang and it was him!!! :yahoo:

    he said the cable broke and it will take him about 15 minutes to fix it!!! i can still go, shop, and make it home in time to pick up the kids!!!!
  8. annie b - the cable completely broke and we lost tention. that's what the repair man thinks anyway. believe me, we tried so hard last night to get it open and it didn't budge!!
  9. bev center DOES NOT carry toki, but century city isn't too far and I actually don't know if they do or not. I do know that sherman oaks fashion square (& they have a macys) DOES carry toki!! It's a tad farther than BH, like 10 mins?? It's off the 101 fwy.

    oh but bev center lesportsac does have new spiaggia in!!
  10. Oh, I'm glad it is an easy fix! Go have fun and enjoy your day off! Let us know what you find. :yahoo:
  11. ooh bloomies sale..nice!! n the shoes..tempting..but i'll be good n not look =)
  12. aww pooey they're all too far away from me... lol I keep forgetting my bf can't drive me anywhere today since he has a midterm tomororow (I have one at 2 pm today :shocked:) there's supposed to be a new one opening near me soon but I don't know if it'll carry tokidoki and it isn't even opened yet so that does me no real good :lol:
  13. ^the bloomingdales that's going to be at south coast plaza is supposed to be opening up tomorrow :biggrin: hopefully they'll have some tokidoki there!

    and another heads up: bloomingdales at fashion valley had some fornarina shoes about.. a week ago, i think? they still might have some! i like them sorta.. but they look like.. bowling shoes in a way (sorry!)
  14. I didn't really like them at first either but the more I saw them the more I want them :shocked: so I ended up ordering one (actually 2 since I didn't know my size) and I :love: them! They're squishy in a comfy sort of way but I haven't really really worn them yet because I don't want to mess up my pair :sad: I still need to get rid of my size 8 tho!

    I knew the bloomingdales there had tokidoki (I found a perfect pirata stellina but it's long gone by now :sad:) but I never thought of looking for the shoes :push: I should have... and that's great about this location! I couldn't find a date anywhere :push: it just says "spring 2007" from what I've seen
  15. Hoot - I'd have driven the car right through the garage door to get it out to go shopping!! :yes: Then I'd tell my BF I had no idea what happened :whistle: "It wasn't me!" :shrugs: I'm a maniac on wheels...especially when it comes to shopping!! :rolleyes: