bloomingdales sale includes coach!!!!!


Oct 8, 2006
just wanted to let everyone know that i just got back from bloomies and they are having a sale which includes coach, i believe the SA told me 20% off.
i actually picked up the novelty patchwork wristlet (the one w/the gold patchwork that came out before the holiday) it was reg 98.00 and marked down to 73.50, then she added an additioanl 15% off so the total for the wristlet was $62.47....from 98.00!!!!!
so just FYI everyone:yahoo:
They had tons of Coach at mine ... a whole table. Mia satchels (black sig), chelsea hobos (both sizes) ... everything in black or dark brown. Pretty stuff, but I am broke. :biggrin: They were 25% off and then an additional 40% off! Good deals!