Bloomingdale's Sale 8/31

  1. Hi

    Just thought I'd post this b/c I was at Bloomingdale's on Saturday and they told me they are having a sale on 8/31 which will be 15% off. I don't know how long the sale will be or if it includes every Bloomingdale's. If you want to know call your local Bloomies and share what you know.:smile: (I am in MA)
  2. thanx will do!
  3. Anyone know if it will apply for online purchases?
  4. It's the big brown bag sale! Got my mailer the other day :P. Extra 15% off or something with coupon inside mailer.
  5. I'd like to know too?:shrugs:
  6. do you have to use the bloomingdales credit card for the 15% off?
    i also saw another thread regarding the additional $25 off $100 up to $400, is it true for 8/31 too?
  7. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Hi, they are running this Thursday through Monday 15% off with a coupon, BUT it is only on sale and clearance items, not so good.

    If you want to do a lot of shopping at Bloomie's wait for their "Private Sale". That is the one that you get $25 off every $100 spent. Plus they have additional discounts in most every department.

    For example, I always buy 2 pairs of shoes with every "private sale" all the shoes are 25% off, plus the $25 on every $100. It almost works out that your getting the second pair free (or really close to it). Another thing on this sale is you can prebuy maybe 4 or 5 days before the sale actually starts, and then you don't have to turn in the physical coupons. So you can use 4 coupons as many times as you want.

    It is so worthwhile this sale. I always wait and buy big at this sale. (They have it every 3 or 4 months). The next one is due shortly. I will post when I get the coupons in the mail.
  9. Boy, do I miss Bloomingdales. We don't have one here in Arizona.:sad:
  10. We don't have one either! There has been HUGE debates where I live over expanding on our current mall and putting in a HUMUNGOUS one....It's all caught up in red political tape..I so hope it goes through b/c we'll finally get some fantastic stores...and it's right on the way home from work!!!!
  11. Are they still talking about expanding the Galleria?? Haha that's so funny. I moved from Manlius back when I was in high school (4yrs ago now) & they have been talking about it every since I guess!
  12. hey whats the code for the 15% off? thanks!