Bloomingdales return w\out receipt?

  1. My aunt gave me a pair of Reva flats from Bloomingdales for the holidays and when I went to wear them the other day, they didn't fit. I can't find the gift receipt, but have the box which appears to have a bar code on it. Has anyone tried to return something to Bloomingdales out a receipt. Were they receptive? The shoes have never been worn and it would be a shame for them to just sit in my closet.:s
  2. If the box has one of Bloomie's bar code stickers, all the cashier needs to do is scan that and the register will "find" the transaction information. They'll give you a gift card that you can use in store.
  3. Exactly! Bloomies is really great for those of us who always lose our receipts!!
  4. Thanks again! Neiman has been really great about returns in the past, but I've never lost a receipt at Bloomies.
  5. :yes: You should have no problem with your return.
  6. The barcode holds the information for about six months.
  7. I just looked at the box and the barcode isn't on a special bloomie's sticker, just on the tory burch sticker along with the style number a size. I wonder if I'll have a problem?
  8. You need the bloomies sticker, you might need to ask you aunt for a receipt, because bloomies will not take it back.
  9. I didn't want to hurt her feelings. Darn. Maybe I can sell them on eBay.
  10. You're not going to hurt her feelings if they don't fit. If you don't like them, that's a different story... :s
  11. You don't need the receipt just the sticker trust me.
  12. Are you positive your aunt got them at Bloomies? The SA's have to place that Bloomies sticker on all merchandise sold there. When I do a Bloomies return, I never even bother to bring the receipt. The bar code has all the info. And they'll return it to your Bloomies card if you have one.
  13. yes,
    if your aunt bought it at one of the bloomies store (i'm not sure for online purchase), there should be that lil sticker on the box.. if you find that lil sticker.. you'll have no problem.. and if it's not there, i think it's ok to ask your aunt for the receipt.. since the reason you're returning it because it didn't fit..

    the last resort,
    eBay.. or craigslist..