Bloomingdales - Return Policy?

  1. Hi ladies, I got a Christmas gift from Bloomingdales that I'd like to return, but I can't find any information about how long Bloomingdales accepts returns for after purchase. I'm only concerned because my mom purchased this gift back in November for me, almost 1.5 months ago. Can I still return it? It's an online purchase if that makes a difference.

  2. do you have a receipt or gift receipt? what about the tags are they attached? if so you can just take it back and they will scan and dtermine if you get cash or gift card in return.
  3. I do have the receipt...maybe I should just call and figure it out. I don't have a Bloomingdale's nearby, I'm hoping that I can return it via mail. It's not anything expensive (just a top), but I hate to have something I won't use just lying around.
  4. why not just send it to your mom and have her return/exhchange for something else.
  5. I think that you can mail it back with receipt and probably they'll send you a gift card or credit the credit card it was charged on.
  6. Thanks for the advice, ladies. My mom ordered the top from, she doesn't have a bloomingdales near her either, so she'd just have to do the same research I'm doing now to return the top. I'll call and see this afternoon.
  7. I am sure they will take it back. I have found though that it takes FOREVER to get the credit, and it is ususally wrong when they actually do credit you back.....
  8. As long as the item has a "Return to Bloomingdales" sticker, they will take it back. I returned Chanel make up I bought from Bloomingdales about 6 months prior before I realized they would take it back (after talking to an SA). I used the make up only a few times before I realized it stunk, and when I returned it (I still had the boxes) they didn't even check inside, and gave me money on a giftcard.