Bloomingdale's Return Policy?

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  1. I just received a skirt from, and I've decided to return it. I can't find anything about returning online purchases to the store on the website. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thanks!
  2. yeah it's possible, but you have to do it at customer service.
  3. Yes you can do it, I've done it before at customer service like Onederland said.
  4. Perfect. Thanks ladies!
  5. Nordstrom is the same way. If you buy from their website, you can return it to the local Nordstrom. You bring it directly to customer service although I think now you can bring it to ANY register in Nordstrom.
  6. I imagine this is the case with most, or all, stores. Anytime you purchase something online, you can return it at their store. But I guess it all depends on that particular store.

    I actually have to do a return today for something I bought online, but realized there's a store in our area (which I didn't know about), so to save on return shipping and the wait of the refund on my debit card, I'm just going into their store for the return. Much easier.