Bloomingdales refused to ship a Chanel to me...

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  1. Hello everyone! I just recently try to purchase a Chanel 2.55 flap bag from a bloomingdales in California. I live in las vegas and the SA refused to ship out of state. She said I have to be in person to purchase the bag. I find this very unfortunate due to it being a specific bag I've been looking for awhile. I even called chanel customer service and they suggested bloomingdales. Has anyone experienced this? Thank u for your feedback.
  2. Bloomingdales won't ship classics. It's not personal. My husband had to drive up from San Diego to South Coast Plaza to buy my 2.55 in May. He fedex'd it to me in WA from there.
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  3. It is not just Bloomingdales...I think Chanel has implemented that rule for all Chanel classic flaps.
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  4. My understanding is just the opposite. Chanel boutiques can now ship classics. With that being said I know Bloomingdales typically doesn't ship classics unless you have a Bloomingdales card.
  5. Bloomingdale's SCP shipped me a maxi classic flap in 2014. I do have a Blommies charge card. ..
  6. You have to have previously purchased a bag from any boutique in order for them to ship a classic. This is what I have been told.
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  7. I get classics shipped all the time. Gail13 is correct. You must have previously purchased a bag from Chanel.
  8. From what I remember last month, Bloomingdales said they will only ship seasonals, not classics. Whether or not it is a new policy, not sure. I have purchased from the Bloomingdales Chanel that told me this before. And I have a Bloomingdales credit account as well. Perhaps if they know you better, they will work with you. I've only bought one bag from them previously. I did not press them too much. I knew my husband could drive up for me.
  9. I don't even get why it's okay for them to ship seasonal bags but not classics?? Why is that?
  10. No may order from Neiman Marcus, from the Chanel boutique and also from Hirshleifers. I don't know which 2.55 you are looking for but the SAs are generally helpful if you tell them what it is you are in love with.
  11. Yes the SA didn't really go into detail about why they don't ship classics. i live in nevada and she said i would have to go there in person to purchase it and then she would have to ship it to my home in NV. if shipped no taxes, but if i take it out of the store taxes will apply. i think doing the drive to save close to $500 is worth it... Im looking to buy the 2.55 small or large... depending on whats avail. i am looking specifically for rtw distressed black. :smile:
  12. They were willing to ship to me from CA to CA.
  13. I was told the same info last year.
  14. Hi guys I'm looking for a SA at Bloomingdales chanel in NYC area? If anyone don't mind sharing there SA info with me. Many thanks![emoji171]
  15. I just purchased a classic flap from a Chanel boutique and was told the policy has changed to some degree. Previously the policy was they would not ship classic flaps period. Now, they will ship classic flaps if you have purchased from Chanel before and only if you ship to the address in your profile. I live in an area that does not have a Chanel boutique or a department store that carries it so it was definitely a disadvantage for me....always having to purchase while I was on vacation. I got lucky this time as South Coast Plaza had exactly what I was looking. I am glad to know in future I can have classics shipped.
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