Bloomingdales - received item as gift - timeframe to exchange?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I received a baby item as a gift for my daughter in the summer. I'm Canadian and got the gift from my neighbor. I suspect she probably regifted the item (she has a daughter also and there is no Bloomie's in Canada)...

    It has the barcode sticker on it and tags.

    Do you think I can bring it to Bloomie's to get a store credit? I have no idea when it was bought, but I'm going to the states in a couple of weeks and would like to bring it for an exchange if possible.

    I know Bloomie's is usually really flexible so hoping I can get something my daughter (or me!) can use!

  2. As far as I know, there's no time frame limit for returns/exchanges. Also as long as you have the barcode sticker attached to the item, you should not have any problem returning it for store credit.
  3. awesome...thanks for your response! That's what I was hoping :smile:
  4. there is a time frame they only keep that info for about 6 months
  5. ohh serious? darn... maybe I will call them...
  6. I would definitely try. They do not have a set policy written on receipts for returns/exhanges. Something will pop up in their system when something older is returned saying this is over 180 days old, but they can just click on it and continue the return. I have returned things near a year old many times, and never had a problem. If someone tries to say no, continue to persist.
  7. The system only keeps the info for 6 months, but that doesn't mean they won't take it back.
  8. Bloomies has a very flexible return policy.. go for it..
  9. ok thanks... yeah I did call them and they did say to bring it in.... even when I told them I got it awhile ago and didn't know when it was purchased.... any sort of credit would be awesome as my baby won't be able to use it!