Bloomingdales Private Sale

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  1. I got some great deals yesterday in the pre-sale. 20% off regular priced and 25% off sale items. If the item is $100 or more it's an additional $25 off.

    It's going on until Thursday, i think? Either way, it's a great sale if you want to kick start your fall wardrobe.
  2. WOW! There was some great Vince stuff I wanted. Do you know if they have it online?
  3. I don't know if it is online. Bloomies has a lot of Vince and I actually got that great cropped jacket with the big buttons for a better price than i would have anywhere else.
  4. Do they include bags in this sale?
  5. Do you need a coupon or a Bloomies card to take advantage of the sale?
  6. you only need the bloomies card to pre-sale
  7. My sale notice states that handbags are 15% off a selection of regular-priced handbags when you make a single handbag purchase of $250 or more. In addition, you can take an extra 40% off already-reduced handbags and small leather goods for a total savings of 55-65% off original prices. It also states that certain designer and brand exlusions apply, but doesn't state which ones are exluded. There are also 4 coupons for $25.00 off any single purchase of $100.00 or more (can combine the 4 coupons for a purchase of $400), and you earn unlimited $15.00 bonus savings certificates with almost any $100.00 you spend (to be used 9/21-10/10/07).
  8. When does the "private sale" officially start?
  9. Thank you so much! And you have to have Bloomies card, right?
  10. are there any codes for online right now? like free ship? thank you
  11. It starts today Tues 9/18 through Thurs 9/20 (3 days only). I called and MJ bags are excluded at least from the Tyson's Corner (VA) store.
  12. I have a Bloomies card, so I think that's why I got the Private ale guide and coupons. It doesn't state (at least not that I can see) that you have to have a Bloomies card.
  13. Thank you again :yes: May be I call them first...
  14. I have a card with them.. but I didnt get the 4 coupons...
    I got the big book with all their stuff though =[
  15. Do you have to spend a certain amount per year to get the four coupons and information about the private sale?