Bloomingdales Private Sale

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  1. When do they usually hold these? for some reason I don't get those mails any more (the ones that come with the coupons - $25 off of more than $100 purchase)

    When is the next one coming up?
  2. one just passed a couple months ago
  3. don`t they have them like twice a year? all bloomingdales cardholers should recieve them
  4. The last one was mid-march, they have them every 3 or 4 months, figure somewhere around end of June for the next one, I'll post when I get the coupons. If you go a few days before the sale starts you don't need the actual coupons to get the discounts and the $25 on every $100 spent, you prebuy it, and then pick it up when the sale starts. It's my absolute favorite sale, I always shop it.