Bloomingdale's "Private Sale" Starts Wed

  1. Bloomie's great sale starts this Wednesday 9/27 through Friday. You can prebuy anything tomorrow though. I've already bought 2 coach pocketbooks.

    The best part of the sale is on top of extra discounts in every department, for every $100. you spend, you get $25. off. They mail you four $25 coupons. But if you shop before the sale officially starts, you don't have to hand in the coupon. Also, if your nice to the SA they'll usually give it to you if you tell them you used up your coupons. Especially in the shoe department.

    Some highlights:

    Shoes 25% off 2 pairs (again on top the $25 off for every $100) You almost end up paying 1/2 price for your shoes or boots. All top brands they carry are included.

    Handbags over $250: 15% off (except for the best brands of course) but you do get $25 off every $100. So still a good deal.

    Good discounts in most departments. Good time to get new bedroom duvets and such.

    If you have a Bloomie's in your area, go. It's worthwhile. They run this sale every 3 or 4 months. And I try to hold out for things like my shoes and handbags. Also, I'll probably buy some children's Christmas gifts. All Ralph Lauren is buy 1 get 2nd 1/2 price (and then the extra $25 on every $100).

    Happy shopping
  2. hey Ms. P any idea if its $25 of $100 per item...or can you stack them up? I got a $300 sweater and they only took $25 off!!! thanks!
  3. i'm excited :smile:. it's definitely my fav bloomies sale :smile:.
  4. i've always stacked up my coupon. you need to insist and say that other SAs have done it for you.
  5. Excellent, I was already planning on going there this weekend! Love Bloomies, just wish they would come to Michigan!
  6. On top of the $25-off-every-$100 (maximum of 4 coupons-> $100 off) AND 15% off $250+ handbag (if your brands are not excluded), a $15 gift card is given for every $75 spent.
  7. Do you know what brands are excluded? Also, do I need any special coupons in hand or do they automatically give the $25 off every $100?

  8. You don't need any coupons if you pre-order the items by the end of today, the event starts tomorrow. As far as I know, all brands in the Fashion Island store are included for (OFFER#1) $25-off-$100 (maximum $100 off since there are only 4-$25 coupons) AND (OFFER#3) $15 gift card for every $75 spent.

    As for 15% off a $250+ handbag (OFFER#2), excluded brands are MJ, Fendi, Ferragamo, Coach, Juicy, etc; it's applicable on Luella, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Furla, Kooba, Longchamp, DKNY, Cole Haan, etc ...

    All the offers are stackable if the brand is not excluded.

    If you order over the phone or shop at the Fashion Island store, ask for Sarah.
  9. ^^ i also know that they exclude denim brands seven and citizens (not sure if any other brands are excluded).
  10. Thanks for taking the time to post this! Just curious, is it a $15.00 gift card or the paper certificates for $15.00 off your next purchase of $75.00 or more?
  11. oh yeah! i went to bloomys yesterday and the SA says that if you have a bloomies card you can get 25% handbags and stuff like MJ, Fendi, etc. are all included. it's a really good deal! better than the friends and family :smile: too bad it came at the wrong time when i have no $$ bummer.
  12. 25% off handbags like Fendi????

    Does anyone know if their Bloomies has a SPY bag in Chocolate?
  13. I know the one in riverside had some spys, but all I know for sure was the honey color, I'm not well versed with Fendi.
  14. ^^ the bloomys i went to in sherman oaks, ca had black, wisteria in (i think taupe im not sure), and the corded leather spy in cherry which was very nice! :smile:
  15. Oh i am so mad! the lady didnt let me stack my coupons! im going bak to yell at her!!! these SAs need to get their stuff right!