Bloomingdales private sale - gift card ?

  1. :confused1::confused1:I went to bloomies yesterday and was somewhat disappointed. Most of the good handbags were not included in the 15% off. The $25 coupons couldn't be comined for a single item. But here is the part I have a question about. They are giving gift cards for $15 per $100 spent. The cards will be good for a limited time (starting day after sale ends good until 10/10, I think). The snotty SA (not the one who was waiting on me) interjected when I was doing my presale that if you return something from the sale weeks later they want the gift cards back. I don't plan to intentionally get the gift cards and return my purchase just to steal from them. On the other hand, when you get the gift card and it's good for a short time, you might purchase something you wouldn't ordinarily buy. Then if you do decide to return your purchase they withhold the value of the gift cards from your refund? Does anyone know if this is correct? I believe when they first opened I did do this in the shoe dept and they didn't ask for the gift card back. Maybe they've tightened up? Thanks for any help. I think I'll also ask this question in the credit office or another dept in the store.