Bloomingdale's Price Adjustment Policy

  1. Does anyone know what the policy is for something purchased in the store (not online)? I looked on the back of my receipt and didn't see any price adjustment policy. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I remember it being 10 days but in my experience, they are not strict about the 10-day policy. I had brought in my receipt that was 14 days old and they credited the PA. This was several years ago though.
  3. I have had a price adjustment at Bloomingdales but it was years ago.

    But what do you have to lose by trying or asking?
  4. I'm interested to see what you find out. I ordered some stuff online and they cut the price the NEXT day. I couldn't find a price adjustment policy on the website, but I emailed customer service (twice now) but haven't yet received a response. There are no Bloomies where I am, so I'm stuck with CS. I may give them a call. I'll let you know what I find out.
  5. I would like to know too...I purchased a bag that I did not wear and it's still sitting in my closet - I paid too much for it even w/ the discount - I was wondering if they would let you return it and rebuy it - I bought it last year but have all the tags, etc???
  6. the SA at the bloomies in soho told me 7 days but i might be confusing it with another store, so maybe it is 10 days lol. anywhere between that range! haha
  7. i JUST PRICE ADJUSTED A DVF DRESS. I bought it on the 25th Dec, and it has been reduced another 35.00 so I cALLED AND DONE DEAL.:heart:
  8. they are good with price adjustments u just have to wait on hold FOREVER
  9. I have been told 7 days and the store at KOP is strict about it. This is shorter than other stores like Banana Republic etc
  10. I have ordered online and called customer service to request a price adjustment, it was done without any hassle (I believe withing 7-10 days)... and saved $70!
  11. In store, SAs have always told me 10 days.
  12. I believe the window period for price adjustments at Bloomingdale's is 10 days. However, if you find or know your SA they could adjust for you if it goes past the 10 days. They might let you re-buy the item. The SA that I shop with usually let me return and then re-buy.
  13. I called and got a price adjustment for an online order. It definitely can't hurt to ask!