Bloomingdales Online Sale vs. In-Store


Jan 4, 2009
Just thought I should share my experience today...

Bloomingdales online is currently having a 25-40% off sale on a big selection of merchandise... but it is not the same sale currently in store. I printed out the pieces I wanted and took them in the store. The pieces in-store were still full price. The SA called someone (a higher up I assume?) to find out if they'd honor the online prices, and they then went in the back to check the website to make sure it was the same designer/color/size available on sale on the website.

Overall, they honored the prices and let me use the 15$ certificates I got from the private sale a couple of weeks ago (that could only be used in-store)!

The online sale ends 12/23!


Oct 4, 2008
San Diego, CA
It depends. They consider on-line a separate entity so the sales will differ. You are lucky they honored the price some stores will not. I just bought a couple of things that were actually 40% less in the store than on-line. As with everything you should shop around and ask for the best price available.