Bloomingdales/Jimmy Choo - 15% Charity Event

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  1. I was at Bloomies SF today and stopped in the Jimmy Choo Boutique and the SA told me that Jimmy Choo was now participating in the charity event and everything is 15% off. I was told yesterday on the phone they were not participating but they have changed their decision and will. I believe this is only for Bloomingdales/Jimmy Choo boutiques.

    I talked to Nicla Bossart, 415-856-5431 in case anyone is interested. She was super nice as well.
  2. Sorry - I forgot to add they are presaling now and the sale day is 10/25/07. You need to buy a $10 charity ticket to be eligible for the discount.
  3. WOW :yahoo::yahoo:

    Thank you Starbuxx

    Glad to hear JC does charity events:tup:
  4. thanks for the info!:tup:
  5. What bags did they have? I'm about 1.5 hours may be worth a trip.:love:
  6. YAY! This is great news and a little surprising! The leased spaces almost never participate.

    I can't give a higher recommendation for the SF Jimmy Choo. Everyone who works there is super helpful and nice. Nicla used to work for Gucci in Italy, but moved over to Jimmy Choo cause she loved the designs so much. How fabulous is that?!
  7. Wow, very exciting I am headed to Bloomies ASAP! Good cause and good shoes!
  8. The San Francisco/Bloomies boutique has alot of bags - they had a black leather mahala, a new bag called Mina that was adorable, Ramona, Rikki, wallets, shoes, etc. Nicla said if they didn't have the bag you wanted she could call around and track one down.
  9. :flowers: mucho mucho grazias....