Bloomingdales is KILLIN me LOL

  1. They keep listing sale bags for extra 40% off and none are available.
    The closest I got was last night when I had a Cognac MJ Quilt Classic Alyona Satchel in Bag for $962(then subtract 40% = $385!!!!!!!!!!) I had to sign in b/c I wasn't automatically signed in and then POOF! it was gone!
    They keep listing other bags too.
    At least I printed out the shopping bag - do the stores price match?
  2. I tried to buy bags online with the 40% deal as well. They said that the discount would be applied once I was in the process of checking out, but it never was so I canceled the order. Bloomingdales' site is kind of odd--things pop up and disappear constantly. Another annoying thing is that they list items that are "unavailable."
  3. The Bloomies site is notorious for that! It's such a tease. (BTW, 40% off $962 = $577.20, so if you somehow were about to get it for $385 you really missed out on a great deal ;) )
  4. Some sites will price match, but they have to confirm the items is actually in stock at the other merchant. Nordies is supposed to price match and I think Saks does.
  5. I think a printout of the shopping bag should work. I did that once with shoes. I wanted to get it from nordys since I had a ton of gift cards. They happily price matched it.