Bloomingdales Is Having A Sweet Sale!

  1. for labor day they're having a pretty good sale. i went last night and pretty much everything at the atlanta lenox mall bloomies had been picked over, but hopefully in your cities there's still some good stuff around.

    go ch-ch-check it out!
  2. I was in S.F. Bloomies yesterday. Have to say, not worth a special trip for any sale prices, but sure is gorgeous store.
    Small selection of shoes left, at great prices. Lots of sale belts. Not much left of purses.
  3. Ugh, the site is going crazy - I keep on having to sign onto my account to place an order. I thought it went through and it bounced me back to the shopping cart. Anyone else having online problems?
  4. best bet is the store........i bought an absolutely gorgeous $400 larok dress, and this french connection top for $113 for both! i was floating all day lol:yahoo: