bloomingdales insider

  1. Hi I'm new here as I just stumbled upon this site while I was trying to find info on a new bag. I'm in the process of trying to buy myself a new bag after a really long time without one (was saving for my wedding) and I really want a chanel or a chloe. I tried to do a search but I got an error message.

    I tend to buy a lot at bloomies b/c of this insider program and I was wondering how many use this for their purse buys? Basically after you get the store credit card if you buy $1000 a year you get to be a part of the insider program which earns you 3% back on all purchases. Sometimes they have double rewards during big sales and then when there are no sales happening they do a triple rewards event to give 9%. You don't cash back but bloomie's money similar to gift cards that come in your statement. I used to buy makeup and LVs during this time but since I haven't shopped in a while I lost my priviledges. They still don't carry prada or gucci but now they have chloe and they always had chanel. Not really sure if this is a steal/deal but I thought it would be worth sharing info on. thanks. as for which bag I want I am so lost.
  2. i have a bloomies visa rewards card, w/ exactly the same benefits as you described. good deal for bloomie purchases. i rarely use it for anything outside though.
  3. Anyone have a coupon code for Bloomindales Online. Either a percentage off or free shipping would be great. Thank you!!:wtf: