Bloomingdale's in NY

  1. hey guys..does the bloomies in manhattan (i dunno how many there might be) carry high end designers like gucci and stuff? cuz ive read that Nordstrom in other places carries high end designers, but the one here in houston doesn't, so im guessing stores carry different things depending on the location?
  2. Yes it does. There are two bloomingdales in Manhattan one on 59 street and one in SOHO. I dont know about gucci but they do carry chloe bags, Marc jacobss etc...
  3. The Nordstrom in NJ Paramus mall carries high end designer clothes and accessories and other Nordstroms in NJ don't.
  4. They carry LV and Fendi and Ferragamo--I don't remember seeing Gucci there though.
  5. Oh--forgot--they also carry Chanel.
  6. thanks guys!!
  7. The Bloomingdales in my local mall (Walt Whitman, for you LIers...) carries Fendi and MJ. No Gucci though.