Bloomingdales has 50% off sale prices

  1. Thx.. got a cute pair of shoes for only $55 !!

  2. Cool. Not my style but happy you got a bargain.
  3. nothing i wanted on sale, but mxmj fans should hurry and get the stuff that's on sale. really good prices with the 50% addtl off!
  4. There isn't much selection, basic same stuff...too bad.
  5. wow. great prices but not much left.
  6. Any free shipping codes?
  7. so is it 50% off the sale price, or is the "now" price the actual price?
  8. I bought some boots yesterday with the 40% sale. Now they are 50% off, but not in my size. Do you think I can get them to adjust the price?
  9. They do price adjust. I did it last week when it went down to 40%
  10. it is another 50% off the now price (just put in in your cart and you will see it taking another 50% off) :tup:
  11. I got a few great cashmere pieces. The prices are super!!
  12. Any free shipping code?
  13. I ordered a handbag at about 10:45 this morning and have not yet received an email confirmation. Has anyone else had this same problem or did you receive your confirmation right away? just couldn't be easy. Hopefully, it won't be cancelled as I would really love to have this bag at the incredible sale price.
  14. The other day I ordered a bag and received my email confirmation. The next morning I got an email saying the merchandise had been "discontinued". So, unfortunately, an email confirmation doesn't mean you'll get your order.