Bloomingdales Friends & Family - Chanel Sunglasses Included!

  1. Just want to pass along to my fellow Chanel gals that Bloomingdales is honoring Chanel sunglasses in the F&F event - a 20% savings! I just ordered a new pair from the flagship store in San Franciso. :yahoo: Whitney, the sunglasses specialist, could not have been nicer. Her number is 415-856-5405.

    Here's what I don't know:

    - If jewlery is included
    - When the event ends - probably under Deals&Steals

    I know bags are definitely not included. But if you need Chanel sunnies get on the phone or drive to your local Bloomies and have at it! You may even save sales tax (I did) if there is not a Bloomingdales location in your state. Shipping is outrageous though because Bloomingdales calculates shipping based on cost of merchandise and location being shipped to. I paid $21.95 for standard UPS shipping from CA to AZ! Highway robbery indeed...
  2. thanks for the info! i might just have to get some sunnies...

    did you just ask for the f&f discount?
  3. Yup, the event isn't by invitation only.
  4. I'm so frustrated with the new Bloomies at South Coast Plaza! They insisted they needed the actual F&F card "in order to scan" it!!! Otherwise, they won't give me the discount. Anyone has an extra F&F card they can spare?
  5. Thanks for the info! I am on my way to pick up some stuff I pre-bought using F&F. I am definitely checking out the sunglasses.
  6. oof..I have an invite.....Do I need more sunnies??????????

  7. Bloomingdales has the worst shipping charges ever!!!!!
  8. I bought my very first pair of Chanel sunnies at Bloomies that night using the F&F card. So yup they do qualify! :wlae:
  9. for the handbags, you get $50 gift cards every 250 purchased. A good bargain! and if you have bloomie card, its an additional 15% off!