Bloomingdale's friends and family?

  1. Is there any information of the schedule of this spring's Bloomingdale's friends and family event? My SA told me that it would be in this May. I'd love to have more specific information.
  2. they told me its before mother's day
  3. thank you
  4. Does anyone know when the next Bloomingdale's Friends and Family is? Please don't tell me it's only once a year in May!

    Saks is having their event soon, so I'm hoping that other dept. stores will be joining in.
  5. thank you.
  6. Last year Bloomies also had a F & F event in Nov.
  7. I actually asked a sales assistant yesterday and she told me it would start on Nov. 12th. Hope that helps!
  8. Is it by invitation only or generally available to all customers? I haven't been a big Bloomies shopper but I am fed up with NM over the gift card debacle.
  9. ^It usually depends on the SA you get. Generally in the past for me if you just ask to use the FF discount on your purchase, they just apply it w/ out a hard copy of the FF invite.

    I forget how much the FF discount is though, is it 25% off? or just 20% off? or even more? Thanks!
  10. Thanks!
  11. would have to echo elly's comment that it really depends on the SA. i think generally they're stricter than say Saks f&f (where everyone in the store will get the discount), but some sa's will give you the discount if they have the card.
  12. It's usually 20%, and you can almost always get a discount card from one of the SA's in the shoe department...
  13. what are the restrictions?
  14. Last time I just asked the SA in the handbag department and she gave it to me. :smile: Too bad the bag I got just went to outlets and is apparently on sale everywhere >:O

  15. OOH YAY! Thanks!!! I KNEW someone on TPF would know the answer. :smile: