Bloomingdales Free shipping anyone?

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  1. Is there a free shipping code or any other code this month? Please:tup:
  2. bump
  3. "flower" for 20% off has been going around for awhile... it might be worth a shot?
  4. Does anyone have a current code or know when a sale will take place?
  5. "fall8" for free shipping
  6. Both "flower" and "fall8" are not working for me. Is there a price limit? I currently have $160 in my bag.
  7. neither of those codes worked for me... can anyone verify they still work?
  8. ship19 for free shipping, but you must spend $200+
  9. "fall8" is a NM free shipping code.
  10. bummer, ship19 must have expired
  11. They've waived shipping fees twice (out of 3 times) when I didn't have a free shipping code. I called to place the order. You might want to try that?