Bloomingdales - Free pass to 'Shopaholic' with try-on of Paige denim

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  1. Check your Bloomingdales! All the Bloomingdales in FL are having a special from February 2nd through the 8th. Go in and try on a pair of Paige denim jeans and receive a FREE pass to see Confessions of a Shop-a-holic. One per customer.

    Go to, choose your store and then 'Events' to see if your store is participating. :tup:
  2. Haha I was so excited then remembered my state doesn't have a bloomingdales! :Push:
  3. Aw poo mine isn't.
  4. no stores in my state too. But I was charged taxes whenever buying something from its website. Guess what, there's a warehouse in CT. Why don't they building a store in Ct?!!!
  5. Wooo mine is participating!

    Thanks OP!
  6. thanks I will definitely go get one from Lenox.
  7. Thanks so much....I will be heading to my Bloomies at Lenox this week!
  8. Oooooo! Fabulous! Thank you for posting!!!!!
  9. I'm gonna go do this on my lunch break tomorrow...I really want to see this movie!!
  10. mine is participating YAYYYY! gonna go tomorrow!
  11. my store is participating... i wont be able to go during the week but i hope this lasts!
  12. Chevy Chase is participating, but not White Flint, it seems, for all the D.C. area tPFers!

    I love the Shopaholic series and can't wait to see it! Thank you!
  13. oooo im sooo excited!!! Does anybody know if we can go to any theatres or are there specific ones?
  14. Mine is participating..will have to drop by some time this week~
  15. aw I wish I had a Bloomies in my State!