Bloomingdale's Final Offer Event 1/31 - 2/3

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  1. Got this in the mail...

    Take an extra 50% off almost all permanently reduced fall/winter merchandise in women's fahsions, including the new view, Y.E.S. contemporary sportwear and sutton studio; men's sportswear, dress shirts and neckwear; kids' selections; and accessories for her, including fashion jewelry and HANDBAGS :yahoo:-- for a total savings of 60% to 80% off original prices.

    *also save on
  2. Everything still says 40% off on the only in store that it's an extra 50%? Or has it just not started yet?
  3. oops! Just saw it starts on the 31st!
  4. let's hope that SOME of the items actually SHIP! maybe????? i hope sooooo
  5. hmmmm i dont see it yet.....
  6. It's up now! Not much left and a lot of items have the dreaded "ship within 42 days" but may be someone gets lucky :smile:
  7. I found a couple of things that I liked, but decided against it after taking into consideration the luck that most of the ladies on TPF have had with them. Thanks for saving me the frustration!
  8. I called a couple stores to see if there were any 'designer' bags left, and the SA said they were getting 'lots' of calls - nothing left in the stores I called --I'm sure there are some good deals, just being at the right place at the right time.
  9. Thanks for the post....snagged a cute LP double wrap belt!
  10. Does anybody has bloomie free shipping code? TIA :p
  11. oh those compacts are nice! did u see the animal print one? should iget the animal print or zodiac sign? hmmm
  12. There's still some nice stuff left online...but limited sizes...also, when I added stuff to my cart as a test, it said expected to ship 3/31/2008..meaning that more than likely those orders would be cancelled...:tdown:
  13. i'm done with their online shopping..
  14. Geez everything i want isn't extra 50% off...its still the same price!!!! :hysteric: