Bloomingdales FAKE Lindy Bag

  1. I am so disappointed. I just received a Bloomingdales catalog and in it (page 44) is "OUR EXCLUSIVE HANDHELD BUCKET BAG". It looks just like a lindy but no shoulder strap, pockets on outside and it zips across top. It is such a blatent rip off of an innovative design by Hermes.
    I'm so disappointed I want to throw the whole catalog away and boycott Bloomingdales.
  2. any pics rene?
  3. I dont have any pics. Maybe I'll try to take a pic with my camera and see if you can see it
  4. Here's a pic.

    I guess I'm just sad and disappointed that a store that sells Chanel and Louis Vuitton would sell such an obvious rip off bag.
  5. Ok it would help if the picture posted
    Bloomingdales Fake Lindy.jpg
  6. :bagslap: @ bloomingdale's! 'exclusive' my arse!
  7. :throwup:
  8. I just saw someone carrying a really gross fake Lindy in Midtown this afternoon. I think it had the shoulder strap, though, so maybe it wasn't the Bloomies one. And it definitely wasn't real leather :yucky:
  9. This Isn't Unusal For Bloomingdales.....Kinda Yucky, It's A Store, I Take The Good With The Bad
  10. Sad. Really sad. Reminds me why I stopped shopping there many years ago.
  11. Kara you are always so lovely and positive :smile:
  12. Um, not very nice. The Lindy looks very sleek and stylish. They made this one look like the bag I carry my laundry in.
  13. Bloomingdales is really going downhill!:throwup:
    If it weren't for that fro-yo there I would stop shopping there.
  14. fro yo :tender:
  15. I Try:roflmfao: ......I Know Bloomies From The Other Side (Of The Picture)