Bloomingdales F&F sale, 20% off, Chloe included

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  1. Call Sharon, Bloomies SF at 415-856-5427, since our beloved Josh is now selling sunnies...:supacool:

    You can presale on 4/24.

    More Prune Heloise, anyone:graucho:
  2. Thanks, acshih! Is this nationwide?
  3. Hi, Bagatella! As far as I know, Yes.
  4. Does anyone else have contacts in other stores? SF sold out of the Chloe Bay hobo I wanted. But I'm wondering if they can check inventory in other stores? Sharon was not available and spoke to someone else and all she said was they sold out. Also, there are paddington's available if anyone is interested. They have a black one and also a green called gazon. Not familiar with that color but thought I would pass it along.

  5. Cathryn and Acshih thanks so much (I think!!)!!:tup:
  6. FYI, talked with Sharon at Bloomies, she did a search for Prune Heliose and there are NONE in any of the Bloomie stores. I was considering returning mine to BG, since she hasn't been out and about yet and buying one at the discounted price, but I'm attached to my little Heli anyway, so she's staying.:smile:

  7. llson do you carry your patent dome (i.e. avatar) very much. The more I look at that bag the more I get lost in it! So purdy!
  8. Thanks Susie, I do carry that bag quite a bit, it's one of my favorites, and it gets tons of compliments. I have 3 patent Chloe's -- the black Betty tote (my first Chloe and still a fav), the wine colored chain Betty and this Paddy. I always get complimented when I carry any one of those bags. Chloe's patent is killer.
  9. Ilson - aren't they the best?! I just love all of mine. The purple patent is still in the offing.....
  10. when exactly is F&F?? Is it just the Prune that none of the stores have or do they have it in other colors? I wonder if Nordstroms would price match???
  11. I think they have other colors, it's just the Prune that they are sold out of, you could try the price match with Nordstrom, I would think in today's market they might oblige. I tried with the one I purchased from BG, but no go, they said I had to contact them within 10 days of purchase. Guess I'm just lucky to snag one.
  12. so (1) when exactly is Bloomingdale's F&F?? and (2) are you saying that Nordstroms would price match within 10 days of purchase? If so, that might work -- Im buying the Helo this week. If F&F is going on, maybe they'll price match -- if it starts next week, it should still be within the allowable time.
  13. You know, I think it varies with these stores, when or if they honor the discount. In fact, I may even give BG a try again, as the person I talked with sounded like he was in training, he was looking everything up in the manual. I had him talk to a supervisor, and the supervisor was the one that said there was a 10 day policy. Also, maybe you could just randomly call a Nordstroms and ask if they would honor a price match, and if there is a time limit after purchase.
    Not sure about the F&F dates, I think they were starting pre-sale around the 24th for the sale to start May 1, but it could be different for different regions.
    Wonder how the inventory is holding out on these Prune Heli's (especially at the Chloe boutiques), they appear to be selling very well -- congrats on your future Prune Heloise.
  14. llson- did you hear about the BG promo? I don't know if it's still on, but you could return and rebuy at 15 % off. It's on the deals and steals thread.
  15. Well, it was over Saturday. Sorry - maybe you can get a SA to do it since you called before for an adjustment? Worth a shot.

    Here you go...

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