Bloomingdale's F&F Event on 4/27

  1. Dear fellow purse lovers,

    Ready to mark your calendar? =)
    Thursday 4/27 is Bloomingdale's Friends and Family Event (20% off everything). According to my SA, there is no restriction. Not sure if event is regional, call your local store to confirm.
  2. oooooooh! thanks for the heads up!
  3. Great!!! There is a candy apple RED MJ bag I have my eyez on. I hope it qualifies.
  4. i really shouldnt go... but i am!!!
  5. Did you happen to get an online code to use? I have a wishlist there a mile long!
  6. do you need a coupon or something? is it only if you use the bloomies card?
  7. Ooh, I never knew the bloomies f+f was one day only. I may have to call around and see if there's anything I want. Hmm

    thanks for the heads up!
  8. Hello everyone,

    These info are from SA from my local Bloomingdale's

    1. The event is on Thursday 4/27, however, you don't need anything (mailing/card/code/...) when you Presale which starts on Tuesday 4/18. Presale: SA holds item(s) with your CC info, transaction will be rung up on F&F event day. Item(s) can be picked up on or after the Event day.

    2. Asked SA last week if Marc Jacobs is included, the details of the promotion weren't available yet. She called today and said there is no restriction!

    If you encounter unfriendly SAs who require this/that, go with someone else.

    Did you know that Nordstrom matches competitor's offer (confirmed by all the SAs who helped me from local stores)? Their low-price-guarantee was advertised on papers & in their stores. You can always ask your SAs to price match and they would be more than happy to help you. They also transfer item(s) from another location as well. Nordstrom's customer service is great!

    I just bought 3 bags from Nordstrom instead of Bloomingdale's.
  9. Asked Neiman Marcus whether they match Bloomingdale's offer, the answer is NO. Go with Nordstrom. =)
  10. ^ what store do you use and what SA?
  11. okay Gr8! I shall presale the MJ on my lunch break! thanks
  12. Wouldnt it be great if Bloomie's sold LV and we could get a 20% F and F discount? I'd go broke

    Sorry :sad2: .....just dreaming out loud :lol:
  13. yeah, no discounts on lv anywhere. if you apply for a neiman or was a saks credit card (i forgot), you get 10% off everything (even Chanel), but not on lv's.
  14. SAKS New York gives 30 % off LV s to their employees! sniff..I need to go get a job there...!!LOL!
  15. Bloomingdale's in Fashion Island (Newport Beach CA). They carry Fendi (Spy, Bbags), Marc Jacob, Marc by MJ, Ferragamo, Moschino, Kooba, Furla, Kate Spade, .. Ask for Sarah (949.729.6729).

    At Nordstrom South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa CA), Marty Nall (714.957.3604) is very nice. I talked to him last friday regarding Bloomingdale's upcoming F&F event. He asked his manager, then said they will be happy to price match if the event doesn't exclude brands. He said Bloom's last event didn't allow MJ, Burberry, and ? Asked whether a mailing is needed before price match, he said Nordstrom would be awared of the event when it comes up. Plus, he said Nordstrom has a 14-day price policy (price match within 14 days of purchase).

    Neimain Marcus has 15% off sometimes, but it's applicable for online orders placed over the phone only.