Bloomingdale's Extra 50% Sale

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  1. Hi
    Sorry if this has already been posted, but I was in bloomies yesterday and was told by the SA that they are presale items now for extra 50% off sale items. Sale starting Thursday.
  2. wouldn't this sale be the same as it was recently online?
  3. not sure. I don't really shop at Bloomingdales since there is not one near me
  4. That is strange because they already had a 50% off sale items in the store just a week or so ago. Stuff had already been picked over.
  5. I know my store had 40% off sale, plus I think there was a coupon for an extra 15%, but that was about 2 weeks ago. The store is jam packed with stuff, so I'm not suprised they are doing a 50% off sale now. I wonder if its going to be online too.
  6. Does anyone have a free shipping code for Bloomies?
  7. how about regular priced items?