Bloomingdales - Extra 40% Off Through Monday, December 24th

  1. Seriously i gotta put a virus on ur comp to stop u from posting these deals :p
    Luckily no men's stuff on sale that I want....bloomies is much MUCH more generous with women's stuff.
  2. errr...i mean no men's that I want are additional 40%.

  3. That's so funny jesoon!! My DH insists that one of these days I'm going to get a really bad virus from being on so many mailing list! Oh well! I don't worry because I have always been able to get rid of them!! LOL!!
  4. Zac Posen bags seems to be a good deal, anyone know if they are any good.

    I got 2 BCBG watches and some other stuff. :shame: I should know to avoid bagachondriac's threads.
  5. I wish it included Free Shipping.

    I really HATE paying $25 for one bag, for just regular shipping.

    SO expensive!
  6. ok, who just stole the gustto tote out of my shopping bag?!?!
  7. wow, there's actuallly some cute stuff left! too bad not in my size tho. t4p!
  8. wow, guys! i got a couple Mackage coats for a steal - 55% off! thanks bagachondriac!
  9. I must stop buying dresses!
  10. To Jandelvis,
    I also got 2 Mackage coats!! We have great taste!!:tup::jammin:
  11. YAY! which did you get?! :smile: they sold out of the one i reallllly wanted in my size but i ordered up hoping that the Medium will be OK. i was planning for a Mackage this year but not this early - Revolve puts them on sale after xmas but they are already depleted of the size smalls in the styles i really want so i sprung for them now despite the bloomies highway robbery shipping charges.

    here are pics of my two...
    daisy.jpg plaid.jpg
  12. Do you think this works in-store too? I was thinking of going after work.
  13. is there any free shipping code? tia
  14. they have a lot of cute juicy stuff too!