Bloomingdale's extra 40% off sale items

  1. nice! thanks for posting this!
  2. thank you. :tup:
  3. I hate when I put stuff in my cart and then two seconds later it says it isn't available. Grrrr.
  4. Thanks so much for posting
  5. Are there exclusions? I couldn't find any information regarding excluded items but I put a couple of Juicy items in my cart and it wouldn't take the code. Then, I only had the Dogeared necklace and it still wouldn't take the code. :confused1:, most of the time, is not worth the trouble. ARRGHH!
  6. Thank you so much! I was able to order Cole Haan sandals at and price match with Bloomies using 40% off. Total $35 shipped for $200 retail shoes!
  7. The site is crazy right now! I had 7 pairs of shoes in my cart and when I went to check out, all but one were available! Buy fast, ladies! :yes:
  8. Here's the event information:

    It's not really specific, which means that they are probably going to find loopholes for items that their system does not automatically discount. is really annoying. Last time they had this promotion one of my Juicy items, which was clearly on sale, didn't get that extra discount so I e-mailed them and asked them about it and they said that it didn't apply to it because of some stupid reason.
  9. Great coupon. Too bad I couldn't find anything that I like. :sad:
  10. Yeah, this one definitely doesn't work on Juicy for some reason. I emailed and asked why. By the time I get an answer the pants I wanted will probably be sold out...
  11. I have kinda given up on Bloomies. Every time I order it gets cancelled! I am over them, sticking too Saks and NM!
  12. wooohoooo I got a juicy sweatsuit for 91 dollars!!!!
  13. that sucks... I checked out the site at 1am last night and there was no special, and now everything is gone... boohoo...
  14. how? I tried to get one and it wouldn't take the code.