bloomingdale's extra 40% off sale items+free shipping


    extra 40% off sale items code:SV1123
    free shipping code: FS1121

    two codes can be combined.
  2. Bloomingales can suck my nonexistant c***

    But seriously, everytime they have these crazy-amazing sales, there are issues with codes, the site, their personal, etc.

    SO annoying.
  3. I've been trying to order a dress all day & one minute they have it, one minute they don't, I give up, Bloomies sucks
  4. I actually just ordered two pairs of flats - using the codes - with no issues. I was lightening fast about it though! :smile:
  5. Returning at the store (at least in SF) is reeeeaaaally annoying too. Regular registers can't do it, so I had to go up to customer service where the guy had to CALL someone (maybe the online sales division) in order to confirm my purchases and prices... then I had to FILL OUT a form by hand and the guy had to also FILL IN some stuff... how annoying! At least he was nice and it wasn't busy since it was a weeknight... but still!
  6. code isn't working for a pair of juicy couture flats :sad:
  7. wth? everytime i clicked the check out button. it kept saying this: "Please do not use "BACK" or "FORWARD" button of the browser to navigate to the previous or next screen."

    what am i supposed to do?
  8. *SNERK* And word.

    Still, it doesn't stop me from looking. I almost hope I don't see something I like, so I don't have to order it.
  9. yayyyyy! i just bought a french connection sweater and true religion jeans for $115!.......thanks for the code!:yahoo:
  10. is this at the store as well?
  11. How do you combine the two codes? It seems like there is a problem I can use only one code. When one of the code is applied, the other one is removed for me. Can anyone explain if they could use both? thanks in advance!

    nevermind. bloomies check out really sucks, i had to go back and forth to get both the codes combined. anyway, i hope my order get processed.
  12. I can't even checkout! Horrible!
  13. How come the 40% code is not working!!!
  14. Snagged a pair of Seven Dojos for $67.74 shipped! Thanks again! :tup:
    I just hope I get em'
  15. what!? how!?!