bloomingdales extra 30% off sale

  1. use JUNE30 for 30% off sale stuff. they have a couple MJ bags.
  2. Bloomies 59th st-no clutches

    on sale-perf Brigitte in White and Whiskey

    In stock-mousse, black, and taupe stams
    whiskey and black multipocket. Everything else was pretty much gone
  3. Wait... are you saying the STAMS are 30% off? Web site says 30% off already reduced sale stuff.
  4. the 30% off applies only to stuff online that is already on sale
  5. Bloomies Fashion Island (Newport Beach, California)
    949.729.6729 (extended hours: 10-10)

    on sale (30% off PLUS $100 discount & $15-gift card per $100 spent)
    - Venetia & Multipocket in Denim are both
    - Sienna
    - Tina
    - ...

    In stock (regular price PLUS $100 discount & $15-gift card per $100 spent)
    - Baby Stam, Stam & E/W Stam in black, bronze, camel, cashew, mouse
    - large Bowler in Black, small Ursula Quilted Bowler in Black
    - Amy Hobo, Sporty Tote, Flap Satchel, Blake, Multipocket, etc in Black, Whiskey, Charteuse, etc
    - Quilted Zip Clutch in Camel (?)

  6. So does that mean you can apply the $15 gift cards to the purchase, making the Stam $998.75 after the $100 off and the $15 gift cards used toward the purchase?
  7. With $100 saving, Stam is reduced to $1175 (from $1275). You will be given 11 x $15 GiftCards (totalling $165) which can can be used starting tomorrow. If you don't have a Bloomingdale's account, you can open one & save 15% off your 1st day of purchase.

    You can ask a Nordstrom SA to price match, not sure if he/she can substitute Bloomies' gift cards offer with instant saving or not.
  8. Is today the last day for this Bloomingdale's promotion? Somebody please tell me no.....
  9. Yup. Southern California stores are having extended hours (until 10PM PST).
  10. The only MJ bag left online is the off white sienna.