Bloomingdales - Extra 30% Off Online/In-Store Extra 50% Off

  1. Thanks. I'm going to stop by Bloomies after work today.
  2. it starts jan 3 (tomorrow)
  3. Meh. There is pretty much nothing left online, that wasn't 50% off yesterday.
  4. they had amazing deals at the bloomies in SF - tons of fun dresses, jackets, and shoes!
  5. i remember during their after xmas sale (Dec. 26) they had a promotion for every $200 you spend on regular-priced items, you get a $75 coupon. Does anyone know if this is still going on?
  6. I ordered five items during their 50% off sale last week, not one has shipped, and four are on order and should ship end of February. Hope i get something.
  7. Hi, I went to Bloomies (Fashion Valley mall in San Diego) on the 26th and Y.E.S. deptartment was giving out $75 coupons for every $150 of REGULAR priced items. Hopefully they have better deals, now!
  8. the SF bloomingdales does have a lot of stuff... but not in my size. =(
  9. Ditto that. I hope I get my boots and coat and cashmere sweaters that were $30 each!!
  10. Went to the Bloomies at Lenox Square in Atlanta... not too terribly much. Did walk out with a chunky knit Diesel sweater for $60 and change.