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  1. image.jpg Need some opinions and possibly enabling. Found this saddle bag at Winners, love the leather, saddle shape and black dot lining inside , not 100% sure about the wine color and the fact the bag can't hold much. I definitely do not need another handbag but I kinda do like it and it's kind of a limited edition. Thoughts anyone?
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  2. I think it's beautiful and would hold off and start using it in the fall.
  3. It's perfect for fall, I really love the colour! I think it's also featured in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale along with a few others.

    The most important question however is whether or not it is functional for you. Does it fit everything you'd like to carry or do you have to compromise? Does it match, complement, or contrast well with your wardrobe? Is it something you need and will use or want because it was a good deal, the last one, LE, etc.

    I've REALLY downsized my collection lately and those questions have helped prevent me from making more "impulse" purchases.
  4. thx altigirl88, it was a beautiful colour for Fall!
  5. thx reginaphalange, all very good and relevant points. I have too many "love at first sight" bags only to have them end up un-used because they weren't suited for daily use. I ended up returning the bag -too bad as it was really lovely.
  6. I'm really sorry it didn't work out. I also have a lot of impulse buys that left me unsatisfied and have gone unused. They were purchased due to steep discounts, the colour or the style, meaning I often didn't factor in functionality of the bag.