Bloomingdales ECG type event- good on Chanel?

  1. I bought a Chanel purse that I would like to return and rebuy with their $15 GC for every $100 spent. Do they give those with Chanel purses. I was able to use them on Fendi last time but not sure if they gave them with Fendi purchases.

    Thanks so much for your help!
  2. Yes, it's possible. I did that. I bought a CC holder several days before EGC event. Then I got GC when I bought a wallet during EGC. Then I rebuy CC holder with that GC. GC is GC. No matter how you got it. They should take it on your next purchase.
  3. Thanks Katie for replying. Was the wallet a Chanel that you go the GC on? I just called Bloomies and they said they do not give GC's on Chanel purchases but you can use them on Chanel purchases. The SA I spoke to wasn't mine and I'm not sure she knew what she was talking about.
  4. I got GC from wallet purchase. I used GC to rebuy CC holder. So, I got CC holder free. I bought medium flap a while ago at regular price. There was EGC event after that. I rebought this flap (2150 + tax) and got 300 GC.

    I don't know about other Bloomies but I got GC from Chanel purchase at Bloomie SCP during 15% EGC event and 20% F&F event.
  5. Thanks again. I guess I am just going to have to take a ride over there and see if they will. I just don't trust the sa I talked to. I really didn't want to go all the way there, especially on Black Friday, but it is worth finding out in person. I would get $240 in GC's and I would certainly put it towards something else Chanel!
  6. Anyone know when this next event in Bloomies?
  7. The last event I know of was on October 22nd, which was their annual "Opening night" event in NYC. I bought 2 Chanel purses and received the full equivalent of gift cards ($15 for every 100 spent, no limit if I understand correctly). I didn't try using the cards towards another Chanel, though. Was already feeling pretty guilty about the above purchases ;)
  8. My SA at Bloomies NYC confirmed to me that Bloomies is doing EGC event at this moment but Chanel is not participating on it, he said that Chanel is only participate on selected EGC.

    He would keep me updated for the next time as i am thinking of buying another bag and not in a rush so taking advantage of the EGC would be great

    HTH :heart:
  9. That's probably why there is so much confusion. Chanel has participated in the past but not participating this time. I might still take a ride over today to find out in person.
    It's probably better for me to wait for the Saks EGC coming up.
  10. Just to let you all know, I went to Bloomies today. The Chanel sa's told me Chanel purchases could not be used to get the GC's but the GC's could be used towards Chanel.
    I still wasn't happy with that answer (I could have had $240 in GC's), so I went to the girl who was issuing the GC's and asked her what designers were excluded. She showed me her typed memo that she went by and of course the very first exclusion was ALL CHANEL (except Sunglasses are included).
    Fendi was also excluded.
    Hope this helps someone else.