Bloomingdales delivered but Barney's cancelled!

  1. I don't know if I should :yahoo:or :crybaby:.

    and I gave up shopping for the next 30 days.

    My Posen bag arrived from Bloomingdales and I love it.

    But my shoes from Barney's was cancelled in this morning's emails.

    That I hate. My foot is a size 5 so I buy when I can find them and whoozsh, there went my shoes.

    I was buying them for my new Misook, and now what am I to do. and I :banned: myself from shopping :cursing:
  2. Oh no! I thought Barney's wouldn't have that problem.

    I just ordered from Barney's last night... I hope they don't cancel. Which Posen bag did you get?
  3. Barney's does cancel without warning. I lost a pair of Lanvin flats with a fabulous sale price that way. Oh well!
  4. Oh Missmary - its the Olivia and I got it for a steal. Seriously did not think I would get it since it dropped from the website. I was amazed when they sent my tracking number. I guess I used up all my luck on the handbag and was pushing it on the shoes.

    I love love love handbags, but first and foremost a shoeaholic. Bad Barneys, you made me :cry:
  5. I have not foud it to be the most fun thing in the world to do, but if you want something from Barneys, I would get on the phone and call a store directly; there arent that many. You might have better luck getting what you want. From my experience you get some really nice helpful people, and some real snobs too. But that way they have a direct link to their inventory, and shipping is $12 from a store.
  6. I've had the same exact problem with Barney's cancelling too...
  7. Did you try calling the store about the shoes your interested in? They can look them up their inventory and let you know if they're available. Thats what I did for my Manolos.
  8. yayyyy congrats on getting the bag THAT IS a big accomplishment around here you are our hero!
  9. I remember that Olivia -- it was up for a while. I didn't know what it looked like IRL, but I'm happy you love it!
  10. I have never had Barney's come through on a sale online order. Always have to call the stores for those items.
  11. Thanks to all you ladies for the warning about Barney's online ordering! I started to fear that my order would be cancelled, so I called the New York store, and had an amazing SA, Samantha, find my Givenchy Bettina bag for me, and so I was able to do a charge-send. Costs me $12 more for the shipping, but worth it to not have to worry about the cancellation!
  12. me too...
  13. I should have stopped by this topic before. I ordered Sissi Rossi bag and Barney's canceled 2 days later (without e-mailing me).
  14. So sorry! But congrats on a great bag!
  15. congrats on the one you got!! hoooorayyyy !!! pix please we want to see!