- Additional 40% off Sale Items

  1. Starting today, Jan 17 until Jan 21. No code required.
  2. Hopefully the automatic discount will remove some of the former problems people have had with codes only applying to certain items (I had one pair of pants that got reduced but the exact pair, in another color, excluded!).

    Restrictions: Offer Excludes the following brands: Burberry, Tory Burch, M Missoni, and Juicy. Excludes Electronic Gift Cards, Beauty, Electronics, and Home (including all furniture and mattresses). Delivery charges and applicable taxes are additional. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. No adjustments to prior purchases. Online offer is not valid at or on any in-store purchases.
  3. too many exclusions i guess!
  4. anyone know if there are any free s&h codes?
  5. eeeerrr..
    so tempted to order some stuffs.. but don't want to be disappointed like before.. :sad:
  6. So mad! The DVF blouse I was about to buy became "unavailable" the moment I tried to finalize the transaction! :mad: My only hope is that someone releases/cancels it. ARGH. I should have bought it last night (but I waited, having a feeling that I'd get an additional markdown within a day or two!)
  7. Their site is messed up... Ugg Scarf originally $145 now $108 It says 40% off, but when I add it to my cart it's $108 and that is not 40% off.

    It should be $87 if the 40% is off the original price or $65 if 40% off sale price!
  8. Lordy. I grabbed a pair of Fryes, a pair of Kors, a silver doggie necklace, and a pair of polka-dot thongs by N. Lepore... I had to order over the phone due to living in Canada / shipping to the US, and all, and apparently the 40% discount was not coming up on their computers! If you phone order make sure you verify the additional discount! It all came to $120 after shipping... a STEAL!
  9. is it just me or did they remove some of the theory items that they had yesterday?
  10. the theory items were probably all bought. I was online at 4am and happened to go on the bloomies website and notice the sign. They added TONS of stuff they had, and I bought a pair of cole haan thongs I've been eyeing since the summer. The 40% discount actually didn't happen at checkout, but I know from experience it's better to check out now and call to adjust instead of waiting and having someone steal it from your basket. Yesterday they even had a bronze quilted stam bag on sale for $1000 -> after discount = $600!! Crazy!!!

    i know sometimes they replenish stock in the middle of these sales and it seems to be at night, so if any of you ladies are up it might be worth checking out.
  11. Actually, I browsed their clearence yesterday and still had the items in my cart - otherwise I wouldn't have found my Fryes as they had been removed from the sale page. But yes - the stock has been flying out!
  12. I got a pair of Juicy Coutoure skinny jeans (135) and tory burch flats (157)!
  13. Ech! Everything I clicked on was no longer available! Plus, I'm still waiting for 3 items from January that I ordered - one was cancelled, I wonder if the other 3 will arrive!
  14. me too!!!:confused1:
  15. Argh - nothing I wanted was available - oh, well bank account is happy!!