Bloomingdale's Chevy Chase, MD

  1. Does anyone know when the new Bloomies is supposed to open?
  2. Sometime this month, I have an invite to the opening at home. I *think* its Sept. 29th.
  3. Thanks! I was sort of confused b/c I got something in the mail saying I could get extra reward points at the Chevy Chase store toward the end of this month, but I haven't heard any fanfare or any talk about the new place, so I wondered what was going on.

    It's hard to believe this, but I actually remember when they opened the White Flint Store in the late 1970's. LOL! It was such a big deal! I even remember what I bought at the grand opening.... a skirt and t-top from the Juniors department!
  4. Anyone going on Thursday or this weekend?
  5. they are having a VIP thing on weds, too. i got an invite since my husband is a cardholder, but unfortunately i don't know if i can use it :sad:
  6. I live right near there! It opens on the 27th. :tup: Some people get to go on the 26th, Wednesday, before its official opening. I'm heading over there around that time.
  7. oh, i heard the store is going to be fabulous. the handbag manager used to be a LV store manager in Vienna, VA. His name is David and absolute sweetheart he is. Please share with us the experience there!
  8. I am soo excited for this opening!! Ill be there Wednesday for SURE! See you girls there ;)
  9. We got one in the mail too since we have their CC, but, Wednesday is just the worst possible day for me to go shopping. I'm anxiously awaiting Saturday!
  10. Oh, this is great news! Honestly, Bloomingdale's never seemed to me show much interest in selling nice handbags. Now things are going to change!

    I was a little skeptical about the store after reading the Washington Post article that said it is smaller than a typical Bloomingdale's. But that's okay, I think, if it's full of nice things.
  11. Did anyone go yet? I was there this morning and I have to say, it's a beautiful store....very vibrant and lively and pretty.

    The handbag dept. is way better than at White Flint. They carry MJ, Ferragamo, Anya Hindmarch, Zac Posen, Burberry, Michael Kors and some others.

    I wanted to buy a Roberto Coin necklace, but although they had some lovely pieces, the one I wanted was in that store.

    It was really worth the trip to visit it.
  12. I went. I have to say, I was not impressed with the handbag selection -- I think you pretty well covered it, but there's no LV, Fendi, Chanel, Gucci, etc. The contemporary clothing section was ok. Shoe selection was terrible.

    I think I am not their target market. I'm sure it's great for another demographic.

    It is a very pretty store.

    Finally, the entire time I was there on Weds, including trying on clothes, not a single salesperson said a SINGLE THING to me! There were definitely some of them sortof standing around and chatting, too.
  13. I noticed the absence of Fendi and the others you mentioned as well. I was shocked Fendi wasn't there b/c even the White Flint store carries that label.

    It's ironic what you say about you not being their target market. I told my huband the exact same thing. I said the store will probably thrive in that location b/c it's definitely capturing the slightly lower price points (in general) and yet it's not as exclusive (for lack of a better word) as Saks and NMs.

    I can't see myself making the trip back down there with Bloomingdale's as my major destination. I'll still go for Saks, NMs and the boutiques and stop into Bloomies if I have the time.

    It's still pretty cool that you went to the pre-opening, though. I wasn't able to go b/c Wednesday's are impossibly busy, but a friend who went said the champagne was a nice touch.